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De Gustibus Non Disputandum Est

This is a famous Latin saying. There are a variety of translations, depending on your cultural background. Our favorite is "It's not worth arguing about matters of taste." Although some members think it means "Don't complain about the food."

It is the source of the name of our online newsletter de Gustibus. We send an email alerting members and friends that it is online on a regular basis. We hope that you take a moment to review its contents when it arrives (or not long after - we don't want you to miss something!). Newsletter items often include:

  • Club events, such as Specialty Dinners
  • Notices on policy or procedure changes
  • Staff updates

Club Events

The Campus Club regularly organizes events that are designed to inform and entertain members. These events are normally only open to members and their guests. Examples include:

  • Wine Classes Throughout the Year
  • Fall & Spring Scotch Tasting
  • Mother's Day & Easter Brunches
  • Cocktail Classes
  • Specialty Dinners & Events

Private Events Calendar

This will link to you our third party software that keeps our events organized. University employees may be familiar with this system, which is also used by Coffman Union Events Office and McNamara Alumni Center. Please note: each venue runs its own system. They are not linked together.

Tasting event at the Campus Club

Members can participate in tasting events regularly throughout the year.

University of Minnesota flag

The Campus Club hosts University Events as well as private member gatherings.