Membership is open to any individual or entity with a relationship with the University of Minnesota.

Membership Agreement

We welcome your application for membership in The Campus Club of the University of Minnesota. Please read this agreement to become familiar with your club. We also recommend that you read the FAQ page.

Your Application

The Campus Club has 6 categories of membership.
- Regular membership is for faculty, staff, students and Regents.
- The Community membership is available to Alumni, Parents and Donors.
- The Affiliate level is designated for visiting or guest or adjunct faculty and staff.
- Corporations have their own membership level.
- Department memberships are offered to Departments and University units.
- The club also welcomes Emeriti, Retired and Surviving-Partner members.

Dues levels are indicated on the Membership Application.
Membership is for 12 months.
Applications are processed immediately upon receipt.

As a Member

Only you and your spouse are permitted to use your card for services and incur costs at The Campus Club. You may, of course, bring guests. You must be present to incur costs for services or make arrangements in advance by calling 612-626-7788.

At The Campus Club

All Campus Club functions and events must be sponsored by a club member in good standing. Your electronic membership card allows you to sign for services when using the dining or bar facilities. The Card is the property of The Campus Club and may be canceled at any time. The club will issue a 2nd card for use by your spouse/partner at no extra charge. The 2nd card will be on the same member account. Please do not loan your card to others. We request that appropriate attire be worn when dining or attending functions at The Campus Club.


The Campus Club is governed by a Board of Directors who has within their charge all of the properties, governance, and management of The Campus Club. By-laws of The Campus Club are available on request or in the Governance section of our website.

Alcoholic Beverages

The Campus Club serves beer, wine, and spirits. Members and guests must be 21 years of age to be served. The club will not serve alcoholic beverages to members or guests who appear to be intoxicated.

Reciprocal Privileges

The Campus Club has a reciprocity agreement through The Association of College and University Clubs (ACUC), which is a global network of campus affiliated private clubs serving university faculty, staff, alumni, and local community professionals. For a current list, please consult the ACUC website. Policies vary from club to club. Please contact The Campus Club at 612-624-6626 or to obtain the required ACUC card and pertinent information.

Statements and Payments

The club recommends that University employees use U of M payroll deduction to pay annual dues. You may also pay your annual dues with a credit card or check. Faculty or staff on 9 month appointments are obliged to pay the full annual dues. Unmet obligations will be billed.

Payment for club services for the past month will be billed at the beginning of each month. You may pay with credit card or check. You may also use the AutoPay option. The club policy is payment by the 25th of each month. Past due accounts will be assessed a finance charge of 1.5% (18% annually).

Special arrangements may be made for Department memberships. For details, see the Department Membership  page

Change of Status

If you change residence, jobs, email, telephone, etc., please contact us via email at or 612-625-9696 so we can update your membership record.