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The Café Bar is a perfect spot for informal meetings 

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University Departments & Organizations

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How do I sign up for a Department Membership?

Signing up for a Department Membership is easy. Contact Executive Director Ann Holt at 612-624-6626.

How does my department pay for dues and club use?

The annual dues are $360. All charges, such as meals and event costs, are billed to the department each month. Please call our accountant at 612-626-1510 for a personal explanation of payment processes and procedures.

What are The Campus Club Department Guest Cards?

Department Guest Cards make it easier for departments to bring a number of guests to the Campus Club for lunch using The Servery, our cafeteria. Please call 612-626-7788 to request cards for a given date. You may also fill them out in advance if you have a quantity on hand. Simply put your department member number and date on the cards. Then you can distribute them in advance to your department members or guests who will be using the club. This works much better than a piece of paper with your number written on it. This system works especially well if you have reserved a meeting room and your guests are going through The Servery. It also reduces chaos and confusion when there are a lot of people in The Servery.

Can I get receipts for charges to our department account using Department Guest Cards?

Of course. We issue a receipt for every transaction in The Servery. Be sure to tell your department members to collect receipts and return them to you. We frequently remind people using department guest cards that they should collect the receipts and bring them back to the department.

What if our department needs more Department Guest Cards?

Call 612-626-7788 and ask for more. We will mail them to you. Or stop by the Campus Club in advance and pick up a supply. Or you may also ask at the Front Desk if you need them immediately. We will help you fill out the cards and distribute them to your guests.

If our department has a Department Membership, can department faculty and staff use our membership to visit the club and pay cash or use a credit card?

No. This would be an inappropriate personal use of a University asset. Use of the department membership is for department purposes. You must charge expenses to your department account. The department guest card system makes this easy. Then we will bill you in your monthly statement. We can make occasional exceptions to this policy, but please call 612-624-6626 in advance.

Does our department need to use department guest cards if we are coming to the Campus Club for an event, Lunch or special events?

No. When we take your reservation we get your department member number and we charge those expenses to your department account.

Please note: The Controller of the University has issued recommendations for documenting department use of the Campus Club. Each department should use this form (or a facsimile) for each use of the club. Details will include date, purpose of meeting, etc. The documentation is recommended for each use of the club. The Campus Club has documentation forms on hand at each cash register and for each event. Please ask for this form when you use a department membership. Fill out the form and return it to the designated person in your department, with a copy of the register receipt(s). Your department may ask you to also note internal account details, for more accurate department bookkeeping.

Get a copy of the Departmental Use form here.