The Campus Club is a unique venue that offers a professional atmosphere with wonderful food and a high level of service. Our room rates are listed below. Click here for event policies.

For information and rates for weddings and other special events, click here.

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*Rates Food/Bev Min. Capacity Notes
University Special University Special
West Wing Dining Room $450 $800 $18 $30
230 dining
250 reception
The main dining room has excellent views of downtown Minneapolis and the Mississippi River. The West Wing is reserved for members between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm daily. 3,270 sq. ft.
Dale Shepard Room $200 $300 $12.50 $30 48 Adjacent to the West Wing with amazing views of Minneapolis. Perfect for private dinners, meetings, and smaller events. 664 sq. ft.
Conference Rooms A, B, & C $100/ section $150/ section $12.50 $30

80 total if 3 sections dining, 100 total if 3 sections reception
Price and capacity are per section. These three rooms can be opened up into one large room. A: 509 square feet, B: 517 square feet, C: 522 square feet. Total of 1,548 sq. ft.
Lounge Corridor
(off season)
$200 $350 $12.50 $30 125 Adjacent to the Terrace, the wonderful light, great views, and comfortable seating areas make this a perfect spot for receptions. Most people reserve in conjunction with the terrace. 1,805 sq. ft.

 and Lounge Corridor
$400 $700 $12.50 $30 138 Great views of Northrop Mall and downtown Minneapolis. If rented in conjunction with another room, $100 less. Only a portion of the Terrace is available for reservation Monday-Friday. 3,616 sq. ft.
The Café Bar $250 $350 $12.50 $30 75
The entire Bar is not available during business hours, only the couch area (see below for information). Outside of business hours, there is a room fee and food beverage minimum required. 1,149 sq. ft.
The Couch Section of the Café Bar $75 $75 None None 50 This is for the couch section of the bar. This area can be reserved during business hours. *There is no charge for groups under 20. The rental fee for groups 20 or more is $75. Groups of 15 or more must pre-order food (no food and beverage minimum).

Meeting Rooms 409, 410, & 411 Free
up to
5 hours. See Notes.
up to
5 hours.
None None 11 There is a $50 room charge for food service in these rooms (no food/beverage minimum). There is a $25/hour fee after 5 hours.

409: 196 sq. ft.
410: 181 sq. ft.
411: 243 sq. ft.

*Rates are for 5 hours. There is a $50/hour charge for each additional hour for University events. There is a $100/hour charge for each additional hour for Special events. You have access to reserved rooms 30 minutes before and after events at no charge.

For West Wing, there may be additional charges for non-standard setups.