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The Campus Club Bar  opens weekdays directly after The Servery closes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section evolves as we learn of frequent questions from members and prospective members.

Do I have to be a member to use Campus Club services?

Yes. You may also come as a guest of a member. The club makes it easy to bring guests. We can waive this requirement under special circumstances. Please call Ann Holt, Executive Director at 612-624-6626. A Test Membership can help introduce you to the club.

Do I have to be a member to reserve a room or book an event at the Campus Club?

Yes. Please use the web-based event request system. You may browse events, find available space and create an account to request event space. You will find it here. A friend or colleague can act as your sponsor. You can also contact the events office directly at

Who is eligible to become a member and what are the dues?

Any individual or organization with a relationship to the University of Minnesota is eligible to become a member. The Campus Club has many categories of membership. Dues are paid annually. University employees are encouraged to pay dues through payroll deduction. For more information visit the "Becoming a Member" section.

Is there a special membership offer for University employees?

Yes. You can take advantage of a Special Membership Offer. Click here for details. Memberships at this special level must use payroll deduction for 1st year dues. The first six months are free. After that $8.04 is deducted from each paycheck.

How do I become a member of the Campus Club?

You have 4 choices. In all cases you must provide contact information and a method of payment. Departments and Corporations should contact Ann Holt at 612-624-6626.

In person at the club:
Complete your membership application and give it to Campus Club staff with arrangement for payment of your annual dues.

Via the U. S. Postal Service or Campus Mail:
Send your completed membership application, with all contact information and payment details to:

Campus Club, 403 Coffman Union, 400 Washington Avenue SE, Minneapolis MN 55455.

You can join online in the "Becoming a Member" section. Please read the Membership Agreement and submit the form. If you plan to use payroll deduction, you will need your University payroll ID number, which is found on check stubs.

By telephone:
Call Ann Holt, Executive Director at 612-624-6626.

How can I pay for my annual Campus Club membership?

We prefer that you choose payroll deduction if you are a University employee. It is easier for you and for the club. If you choose payroll deduction, you pay only $8.04 per pay period.

If you are a University employee and are taking advantage of the Special Membership Offer, you must use payroll deduction.

You may also pay the entire amount with a personal check or your personal credit card, unless you are a University employee taking advantage of the Special Membership Offer. For information on the optional gratuity, see letter here.

Departments will be billed annually for their membership dues.


Should my department have a department membership?

See the Department Membership Page.

Can I use an EFS account to pay for charges to my personal membership?

It depends. If the charges are strictly personal, you should pay for charges to your personal account with personal payments, either personal check or personal credit card. If the charges are clearly work related you may use a P card.

How do I pay for services at the Campus Club?

Individual members have several choices.
1. You may pay as you go with cash, check, or credit card.
2. You may also charge to your account.
a. Each month you will receive a statement of charges to your account.
b. If you prefer this approach the club highly recommends that you sign up for Autopay. Get the form here.
c. You may pay your monthly charges with check or credit card.
d. You may also view and pay your statement online. Login at the club's Home Page. Call Ann at 612-624-6626 if you need help with this.

You cannot use payroll deduction to pay your monthly bill.
The Payroll Office can only deduct the same amount every month.

If our department has a Department Membership, can department faculty and staff use our membership to visit the Campus Club and pay cash or use a credit card?

Yes and No. Use of the department membership is for official approved department purposes. You must charge expenses to your department account. Then we will bill your department in its monthly statement. You may also pay with a P card.
However, if your department is renting a room, you may pay for your own food and beverage.

How do I pay for my guest at the Campus Club?

The club recommends that you use your Campus Club Member Card to charge for services. If you use The Servery for lunch or The Café Bar for dinner, your guest may pay his or her own costs, as long as it is associated with your member number. Ask at the front desk about Guest Cards.

Is there a limit to the number of guests I may bring?

No. But if you have not hosted more than 6 guests in the past, you may wish to call 612-626-7788 to clarify arrangements. We can reserve a table and have guest cards waiting for you and your colleagues.

What are The Campus Club Guest Cards?

Guest Cards make it easier for members to bring a number of guests to the Campus Club for lunch. Just ask at the front desk. We will give you as many cards as you need. Simply put your number on the cards, indicate on each card whether you are charging this to your personal account or whether your guest is paying. Give the card to your guest, who will relinquish it to the cashier. If you regularly bring guests to the club, take some cards with you so your next visit will be easier.

Can I get a second Campus Club Member Card for my spouse?

Yes. Second cards for spouses or domestic partners are available at no cost. All charges go to the original member account. These are not intended for other family members such as mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. Exceptions may be made in special circumstances. Ask Ann Holt, Executive Director by calling 612-624-6626.

Do I need to bring my Campus Club Member Card every time I use the club?

We recommend it. But if you forget it, we can always look up your number and issue you a temporary card.

What if I lose my Campus Club Member Card?

Tell Ann you need a new one. There is no charge for a replacement. It normally takes no more than 7 days to get a replacement card. If you use the club before you get your replacement card, we can issue you a temporary card which works just as well.

Where can I learn about clubs with reciprocal privileges?

The Campus Club is a member of the ACUC (Association of College & University Clubs). If you have occasion to visit one of these clubs, ask Ann Holt for an ACUC card. There is no charge. Here is their website with the list of clubs: ACUC website

Can I pay for services with cash or check or credit card at the Campus Club?

The club prefers that you use your Member Card to charge to your account. If you forget your card we can look up your member number in our files. This relates to a ruling from the IRS regarding our tax-exempt status. However you may also pay with cash or check or credit card.

For other questions, please contact Ann Holt, Executive Director, at 612-624-6626 or