Food Philosophy at the Campus Club

Fresh produce at the Campus Club

The Campus Club is recognized for emphasizing local and organic food.

Campus Club Food Philosophy

The Campus Club at Toast & Taste in the Gardens at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.


The Campus Club is committed to using locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible. Executive Chef Beth Jones works closely with local purveyors and distributors to make sure you get the best and freshest food possible.

Beth is a leading force at the University for fresh, local, and organic food. In conjunction with the University's Wellness Office, she created "Locavore" classes, which are offered on a regular basis.

In September 2009 Beth was a finalist in the Chef/Restaurant division in Edible Twin Cities magazine's Local Food Hero.

University of Minnesota Connections

Beth has developed a partnership with Cornercopia (the University of Minnesota Student Organic Farm) In fact, the Campus Club is Cornercopia's biggest customer. Each Spring, Beth meets with Cornercopia leaders to plan a planting and harvest schedule. "What would you like to plant this year?" and "What you you like to serve this year?" It is a pleasure to see Cornercopia staff delivering produce that was picked that same morning!

The University's Dairy Plant is the source of much of the cheese we serve at the club. "The University of Minnesota has a rich history of dairy product research that goes back to the early 1900’s. Researchers here were instrumental in developing procedures for making blue cheese in the United States, and cheeses were aged in caves on the Mississippi River in St. Paul. All the cheeses are now aged here, but we are still using the procedures developed by these early pioneers. So be sure to try Minnesota Blue Cheese, and Nuworld Cheese, a white blue” cheese invented here and made from a white strain of mold. Other popular items include Nuworld spread, Gouda, Aged cheddar, and various herb flavored cheeses.

The Campus Club is also a regular participant at a special annual event at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Toast & Taste in the Gardens showcases high quality Twin Cities restaurants that emphasize local and organic selections. Local breweries and wineries also participate.

We celebrate Oktoberfest with local beers, brats, and apples from the Arboretum. Some of the apples have names, while others are still numbers. It's always a treat.

Centennial Cookbook

As part of our Centennial celebrations in 2011, the club published a cookbook. Beth Jones took some of the favorite club recipes. The book contains wonderful color photographs that demonstrate the importance of presentation.

This cookbook is $14.95 (plus tax = $16.11). It is the first cookbook in the club's first 100 years. They are on sale at the club during business hours. Call 612-624-6626 to place a mail order. Shipping and handling is an additional $4. Campus Club members can charge their account.

Click here for additional details including a list of the recipes in the book.