Small Meeting Room at the Campus Club

Room 411

Use of our Small Meeting Rooms (409, 410, 411) is one of the excellent benefits of club membership. The club has a tradition of having these rooms available to members at no charge for up to 5 hours if the rooms are used in conjunction with the Servery or without any food service.

These rooms are ideal for small meetings. The most common use of these rooms is during lunch. Your group can use the Servery and bring your lunch to the room for your private meeting. Many members use these rooms for off-site planning meetings, retreats, or team building sessions.

You can pre-order from the Banquet Menu or request Menu Service in these rooms. There is a $50 room charge with food service to the room.

These rooms are available Monday through Friday during regular business hours. They may be used in the evenings only when another event is taking place or during bar hours. They may be used on the weekends only as breakout rooms for a larger event.

Internet Access: Wireless available
409 - 196 square feet - seats 11 at table, floor-to-ceiling windows
410 - 181 square feet - seats 9 at table, no windows
411 - 243 square feet - seats 11 at table, floor to ceiling windows

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