View from the Terrace at the Campus Club
When the sun is shining, the Terrace is the place to be!

Standard Set Up

Weeknight Event Floor Plan

This beautiful outdoor space has outstanding views of the downtown Minneapolis skyline and Northrop Mall. The Terrace is a popular spot for weddings, receptions, department events, reunions, and parties.

During the warmer months, it is open for seating during lunch and into the evening. It can also be reserved other times for special events. The sun graces the Terrace perfectly in the summer. Then starting with the Summer Solstice, it begins to disappear.

Although we always order good weather, we cannot guarantee it. If you reserve the Terrace you must also reserve the adjacent Lounge Corridor as a backup space.

Wireless Internet access is available, as it is all over campus. You may also entertain your guests with music from CDs or your iPod, which can be plugged into our PA system.

During June, July, and August the club is open to non-members during happy hour
on weekdays from 3:00 - 6:00. The Terrace is a destination for many Happy Hour participants. It is an excellent location for mid to late afternoon "meetings."

to reserve the Terrace.

The Terrace is 112 feet long and 31 feet deep.


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